Why Care Connector?

Designed for the realities of acute care settings

Care Connector is a healthcare-grade team collaboration platform to manage patient flow and prepare the discharge process, during an Emergency Department (ED) visit or hospital stay.

Powerfully simple

Validated with over 2,400 front line clinicians in real acute care settings, and backed by research validation.

Better teamwork

Optimised care collaboration, sign-out and handovers enables clinicians to stay in sync, through the shift changes.

Flexible and adaptable

Designed to adapt to the different ways teams in the ED and in hospital work, makes it easy for them to adopt.

Meets requirements

We meet or exceed all privacy, HIPAA and PIPEDA, security and medico-legal requirements.

Our story in videos

How it works

The story and overview of
what Care Connector
was designed to do in clinical settings

How it was developed

Dr. Terence Tang
Clinician scientist, Institute for Better Health
General internist, Trillium Health Partners

How it works

Powerful tools for acute care

Careteam combines everything providers need to support patients in the ED or in hospital, providing the right information to enable the right next actions towards a faster, better, safer discharge to home.

Empower innovation

CareConnector gives teams through an easy to use, but very sophisticated dashboard all the tools they need to quickly test ideas, measure impact, and rapidly scale proven solutions.

Engage patients and families

Give patients and families a clear plan and a way to easily feel informed and take the right actions, supported by secure communication and a tiered role-based access model.

Data and insights

See who is doing well, who needs more help, and provides the tools so that everyone can take the right actions to ensure better outcomes and experiences at lower effort and costs.